Trail Hiker 8TH

• Patented design and movement pattern maximize both caloric burn and

motivate users to work harder, burning up to 2 times more calories than walking

on a flat treadmill at the same speed

• Movement arms and dual ramping decks create total body engagement, and the

feel of outdoor hiking with trekking poles

• User-defined dual ramping decks provide an incline to flat step pattern capturing

all the benefits of a treadmill, elliptical and stepper

• Easily accessible Hot Bar® with one-finger speed and level controls, integrated

stop button and contact heart rate grips

• Treadle belt width 52” x 9” (132 x 23 cm) x 2

• 5 HP AC Motor

• Star Trac’s popular personal fans create a more rewarding workout

• User weight capacity 350 lb(159 kg)


Overall Weight

719 lb (326 kg)


36” (91 cm)


83” (211 cm)


83” (211 cm)

Step-Up Height

Feel the Difference