Model 9NP-M9619

Sometimes you have space for multiple pieces of equipment and sometimes you don’t. That is exactly why our Multi-Stations can be such a great option when you’re still looking for the total workout experience and commercial feel while needing to maximize space. Each of our multi-stations have the smallest footprint possible while combining the most essential and core elements from our strength lines. Add in great features like swiveling pulleys on the Lat Pull Down, Low Row and Triceps Press and fully adjustable pulleys on the Cable Cross Over System, and you have an economical, space-saving equipment solution that doesn’t look, feel or train like one.

Length 146 in (371 cm) 
Width 240 in (609 cm) 
Height 94 in (239 cm) 
Stack Weight Capacity Lat Pull Down / Low Row 297 lbs. Triceps Press 231 lbs. Cross Over 2 x 115.5 lbs. 
Product Weight 3690 lbs (1673 kg) 
SKU 9NP-M9619

  • 2 Lat Pull Down with swivel pulleys
  • 2 Triceps Press with swivel pulleys
  • 2 Low Row with swivel pulleys
  • Fully adjustable cable cross over system
  • Integrated pull-up stations
  • Stabilization handles for balance and control
  • Lock N Load® weight selection system
  • Rubber feet for floor protection
  • 5 lb incremental add on plates
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